The Arts Program

Developing the Self – Developing the World connects communities with artists
in Australia and the US whose work strives to support individuals and communities through the arts.

In the Arts Program, artists work directly with school communities, wider communities, families, and health practitioners. Bringing the arts into community life brings nourishment and breathing into the pace of work and daily life. The arts offer an experience which moves the inner world of thoughts and feelings in a new way. Such experiences are a great support especially to the growing child, who already speaks the language of inner experience most readily.


Performing Arts Program for School Communities and Classes

Creative Speech, Storytelling, Drama and Music

Working the arts directly into the classroom in relation to the curriculum, allows students to meet the lesson content as an inner experience. For example, through songs on the life of Joan of Arc, an historical figure is brought near, allowing the listener to enter into and learn more deeply through another's life and task.

Stories and themes from main lesson are further deepened through storytelling performances, supported with open questions and conversation between the students and teaching artists. The Passing of Arthur, Parzival and various Shakespeare characters offer insight into our human experiences as well as providing myriad opportunities to explore different points of view and perspectives.

Examples from Previous Workshop and School Offerings:

Storytelling through the Grades

These stories from themes below can be done as part of a creative speech workshop or as a short storytelling performance for a class or group of classes.

Storytelling themes for school communities:

  • Kindergarten - Fairy Tales

  • 1st and 2nd - Fairy Tales/Fables

  • 3rd - Old Testament

  • 4th - Norse Myths

  • 5th - Greece - hexameter

  • 6th - Ancient Rome

  • 7th - Arthurian Legend

  • 8th - 12th - Shakespeare, Parzival, Antigone

This can be adapted or changed to meet each individual class and school community. We are happy to work directly with the class teachers and school administration to support their curriculum and students.

Please be in touch if you have other ideas or suggestions for stories that would best suit your school

Singing and Music through the Grades

  • Pentatonic songs for the earlier years

  • Simple rounds for primary school

  • Parts singing for high school

Music for Class Plays

  • Work with a composer to develop songs for class plays / puppet shows

Professional Development for Faculty and Staff

  • Creative Speech

  • Singing for Teachers

 School and Community Performances

  • The Passing of Arthur

  • Fairy Tales

  • Henry V

  • Antigone

  • Parzival

  • Songs of Joan of Arc

  • Live concerts of original music

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Visual Arts

Painting and Drawing

Images for Individual and Family Support

A visual artist collaborates with health practitioners and early childhood family consultants to create paintings for individual children and their families. The paintings may serve as a playful and imaginative gesture to bring light, balance and harmony to meet the constitutions, temperaments or challenging life events of individual children and families. The pictures may assist caregivers in telling children healing stories, using their own imagination and their own feeling for the needs of the individual child.

Practicing Artistic Perception

  • Drawing, painting and art-observation as a way to deepen our understanding of qualities and to experience the subtleties of our sense perceptions.

  •  Working with creative exercises as a way to experience the tension between freedom and unfreedom.

 Pictures to support others in their Task

A visual artist creates an image or visual arts gesture to meet and support others in their task(s) - for example, musicians, poets, writers, performing artists, farmers, health practitioners, teachers, etc. The image(s) which will emerge out of this inner conversation of holding a supportive gesture to the other’s task, will be able to serve either in a private way to deepen the work of the artist, farmer, teacher, etc., or as images for promotional materials/ or as a logo, a symbol or an inspirational image. The options are flexible to meet individual needs so get in touch to have a conversation with an Arts Program visual artist.

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