Healing the Impact of Technology:
Caring for the Sensory System in Growing Children

The foundations of sensory development are laid down in the first seven years of life and have a direct influence on the growing child’s ability to develop attention, attachment, and self- regulation: capacities essential for formal education.

Health practitioners and educators from Developing the Self offer various supports for communities seeking to develop their understanding of the impact technology has on sensory development in children and adults. The Healing the Impact of Technology Program includes afternoon or weekend workshops, community talks, as well as direct support and guidance for both individuals and school communities. We provide simple strategies and methods for harmonizing the sensory system towards health and healing, as well as practical tools for working with technology at home and in school.

The workshops and lectures can be offered in relation to a particular community’s needs.

You can find more information about the foundation of this program in the book:
Spirit-led Community; Healing the Impact of Technology by Lisa Romero.

A feeling for what is self and what is other is cultivated through the development and care of the senses and the nervous system.
— Lisa Romero – ‘Spirit-led Community; healing the impact of technology’

Lecture and Workshop Examples

Caring For the Senses in Early Childhood

A talk for parents and teachers caring for children from birth to seven years old.  Introducing the twelve senses and focusing on the first four, foundational senses, which are laid down in the first seven years of life, and are the basis for healthy growth into the sensory system. School communities have utilized this offering to support young families in understanding the basis for the Waldorf Early Childhood curriculum as well as offering practical methods for supporting the foundational senses at home.

Supporting Constitutional Tendencies in Children

In this workshop or talk for parents and teachers, we explore constitutional tendencies, which manifest as a bodily dominance either in the upper pole (the nerve-sense system or pole of consciousness) or in the lower pole (the metabolic-limb system or pole of life), and how this understanding helps us to support children in areas such as: appetite, food and nutrition, sleep, warmth, movement, environment, social life, illness, and technology.

Harmonising Sensory Development in Primary School Years

A talk for parents and teachers to understand the impact the senses have on behaviour and learning in the primary school years. This can be offered as a compliment to any class parent meeting as it helps lead parents towards furthering their self-education to support their growing child’s individual needs.

Learning To Observe Sensory Development

We can use the understanding and observation of the development of the twelve senses as a guide to know when children are ready for broader experiences, how to protect them from overstimulation, and how to harmonize the sensory impressions for healthier digestion and sensory integration for all levels of well being.

This workshop can be presented as an afternoon or weekend workshop for anyone working with children.

Harmonising Sensory Development in Adulthood

An afternoon or weekend workshop that offers participants practical experiences and exercises to better support their own sensory system. This workshop has been offered for parents, faculty, and community members.

Practical Workshops To Learn How to Apply Treatments to Harmonise the Senses

The nervous system is accessed directly when we apply medicinal treatments on the skin.  Our experiences of anxiety, fatigue, sleep disturbances and erratic behaviour can be the result of a weakened or overworked sensory system. These applications offer the support, relief and upbuilding forces that our systems need to digest and process the multitude of sensory input on a daily basis. The treatments benefit people of all ages and especially support children.  This workshop provides hands-on experience with a variety of practical applications.