Developing the Self – Developing the World was founded by a community of individuals committed to working with inner development for world development and striving to build healthy community life in the light of anthroposophy. As an organisation, Developing the Self – Developing the World also connects individuals and communities with artists, health practitioners, farmers, and educators who offer peer support, workshops, and programs for school faculties, students, and parents.

A variety of courses and workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of any community on themes such as: caring for the senses in early childhoodexternal applications to harmonise the sensessocial understanding, gender, and sexuality • The foundations of health and wellbeing • and more…

The Y Project is a project of Developing the Self – Developing the World, accessible to young adults 16 years old and up. It provides mentors, health services, artistic programs, and events that are fully or partially funded by Developing the Self – Developing the World and donations.

A social initiative arising from the Inner Work Path…

Inner Work Path offers courses, lectures, and publications in the light of anthroposophy and the work of Rudolf Steiner, bringing the practical use of meditation and contemplation exercises to advance, strengthen, and enliven the individual’s development.

Health and Wellbeing Programs