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North American Youth Conference, Questions of Courage - Meeting the Challenges of our Times.

  • Spring Valley, New York (map)

Description: Join us in Spring Valley, New York this summer, as we bring to life what lies just outside the margins of the comfortable, to stir the deeper questions that articulate the soul and move us in our more intimate moments…In gathering together we hope to find inspiration to re-imagine new futures, new possibilities for our earth and humankind. How do we align the depths of our inner questions with the courageous action needed to bring to life our visions and ideals? What is true courage, and where does it originate? How can we share, define, examine and enliven this quality so as so strengthen our capacities in the world? Can we gather together and find greater resolve to meet the growing intensity of social, environmental, political and technological issues?

With Meaghan Witri, Séamus Maynard, Lisa Romero