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Speech and the Michael Checkhov Technique

  • Hudson NY United States (map)

Séamus Maynard, an arts program facilitator and actor will be teaching speech as a faculty member at the Michael Chekhov School in Hudson NY.

At the Michael Checkhov School’s spring immersion course on the Michael Checkhov technique, a group of actors explored topics such as:

* Transforming the Instrument: qualities of movement, sensation, four brothers (ease, form, beauty, sense of the whole), staccato-legato, expanding-contracting, radiating-receiving
* Characterization: imaginary body, imaginary centers, psychological gesture, archetypes, archetypal gesture, concentration & imagination, three sisters (falling, floating, balancing)
* Collaboration & Ensemble: objective atmosphere, individual atmosphere, play
* Presence / Performance Situation: ideal center, improvisation, work with text