Book Review of Spirit-led Community - James Deefholts, Sarah Hearn

In contemplating the risks and impacts of technology for inner development and humanity’s future, Spirit-Led Community – Healing the Impact of Technology (Steinerbooks 2018 by Lisa Romero) identifies the protection and care of child development, and specifically of the senses, as the frontline of influence for healing the impacts of technology in our age. Of primary concern is the bombardment of addictive technologies and their developmental and health-related consequences which put ethics, and the potential of human freedom at existential risk…And in this era of ever more technology-led community, the author’s point is clear – we need to deepen our understanding and capacity to support healthy child development not just for its own sake but because it serves as the ground for human freedom, for inner development in adulthood and as such, for community which works out of inspiration, in service of the evolving human spirit.

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