*Please Make sure to read the instructions for each external application thoroughly, including any possible contraindications.

Lemon Foot-Bath

Lemon Foot-bath to Support Transitions by Re-centering

A lemon footbath is grounding and re-centering, making it ideal to support transitions; it harmonises the distribution of warmth and promotes healthy rhythms. It can be used daily as preventative healthcare to bring harmony to the Sense of Balance and Sense of Warmth, and at regular times to aid transitions between school, work and home, children transferring between parent’s homes, returning from holidays, or after over-stimulating experiences. It is also useful for acute symptoms such as headache and sinusitis by drawing the congestion away from the head.


Chamomile Abdominal Compress to Calm the Nervous System

A chamomile compress is highly valuable for insomnia, pain related to menstruation, for people with poor digestion due to nervousness, or after a busy day studying. It affects the Sense of Movement and Sight by harmonising the relationship between environmental stimulus and the sensory processing that carries the outer stimulus to the inner life.

Quark Chest Compress to Draw Fluids & Assist Healthy Rhythms

The quark compress can be used daily when fluid is ‘caught’ on the chest in conditions such as mastitis and pneumonia. It is also useful on a regular basis as preventative health care to help harmonise the Sense of Life and Sense of Balance.
The quark has a drawing effect on fluid in the breasts and chest cavity. It creates a space for breathing and helps to bring equilibrium to the body’s rhythms.


Nutritional Bath for Rehabilitation and to Harmonize the Sense of Life

A nutritional bath is a potent therapeutic bath useful to support recovery from mental fatigue or illness.
These instructions have been prepared by therapists from Developing the Self Developing the World. Please observe the contraindications and follow the instructions provided


Alternate Foot-baths to Harmonize the Sense of Balance

Alternate footbaths can be a fun and easy treatment that provide an experience of moving between temperatures which stimulates the Sense of Balance and the Sense of Warmth, promoting inner equilibrium and awareness of the warmth of the body in relation to the environment. As simple as these treatments seemingly are, they provide awareness and understanding that is only possible through experience. Being told how things are does not give us a measure; experience gives us a measure.


Cool Wash Instructions to
Help Awaken the Senses

These cool washes are brisk and invigorating to increase awareness of personal space in relation to the environment. The cool water and contractive qualities of salt applied to the whole body awaken the nerve endings, which help a person to be more aware of their boundary and spatial orientation. Rosemary stimulates the circulatory system, bringing wakefulness through it’s warmth in combination with the cool water and invigorating application.

Applying Protective Lotion
as a Second Skin

Short, regular, massage applications of a protective lotion provide an experience of the body as well as a buffer to preserve the forces needed for growth and maintaining health. Touch brings awareness to the periphery and body parts in which pressure is applied. Developing whole body awareness is part of healthy child development. In adults it serves as a reminder of parts that may have dropped out of consciousness. The application process draws attention to the distinction between self and other. This awareness increases the opportunity to filter the many impressions that come towards us throughout the day. A well prepared lotion can act as an extra layer between the self and the world. The combination of application process and product can be very useful for hyper sensitive children by receiving extra protection, and for hypo sensitive children whose limbs extend beyond their boundary and into the space of others.